vault_report Class Reference

Vault selection and usage report. More...

#include <reporter.h>

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Public Member Functions

 vault_report ()

 ~vault_report ()

void clear (void)
 Clear all values.

void add_report (const vault_stats_report &a_class)
 Add a vault report to the list.

void write_report (std::ostream &a_out)
 Format and print the vault report to the given stream.

void format_synopsis (table &a_table)
 Generate a synopsis report.

Private Attributes

std::vector< vault_stats_reportm_reports

Detailed Description

Vault selection and usage report.

Definition at line 68 of file reporter.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

vault_report::vault_report  ) 


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References clear().

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vault_report::~vault_report  ) 


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Member Function Documentation

void vault_report::add_report const vault_stats_report a_class  ) 

Add a vault report to the list.

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References m_reports, and TRY_nomem.

Referenced by archive_manager::archive(), vault_manager::delete_oldest_archive(), archive_manager::init(), and vault_manager::overflow().

void vault_report::clear void   ) 

Clear all values.

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References m_reports.

Referenced by report_manager::clear(), and vault_report().

void vault_report::format_synopsis table a_table  ) 

Generate a synopsis report.

Definition at line 318 of file

References estring::align(), config, timestamp::str(), table_endl(), configuration_manager::timestamp(), vault_manager::vault(), and vaulter.

Referenced by report_manager::mf_write_synopsis().

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void vault_report::write_report std::ostream &  out  ) 

Format and print the vault report to the given stream.

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References estring::align(), ASSERT, estring::fillchar(), m_reports, percent_string(), and table_endl().

Referenced by report_manager::write_report().

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Member Data Documentation

std::vector<vault_stats_report> vault_report::m_reports [private]

Definition at line 82 of file reporter.h.

Referenced by add_report(), clear(), and write_report().

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