estring_value::value_type Union Reference

#include <estring.h>

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Public Attributes

unsigned int ui
int i
unsigned short us
short s
unsigned long ul
long l
unsigned long long ull
long long ll
char * char_ptr
void * void_ptr
float f
double d

Member Data Documentation

char* estring_value::value_type::char_ptr

Definition at line 30 of file estring.h.

double estring_value::value_type::d

Definition at line 33 of file estring.h.

float estring_value::value_type::f

Definition at line 32 of file estring.h.

int estring_value::value_type::i

Definition at line 23 of file estring.h.

long estring_value::value_type::l

Definition at line 27 of file estring.h.

long long estring_value::value_type::ll

Definition at line 29 of file estring.h.

short estring_value::value_type::s

Definition at line 25 of file estring.h.

unsigned int estring_value::value_type::ui

Definition at line 22 of file estring.h.

unsigned long estring_value::value_type::ul

Definition at line 26 of file estring.h.

unsigned long long estring_value::value_type::ull

Definition at line 28 of file estring.h.

unsigned short estring_value::value_type::us

Definition at line 24 of file estring.h.

void* estring_value::value_type::void_ptr

Definition at line 31 of file estring.h.

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